Car Adaptations

Your motoring experience could be highly impacted by making some driving adaptations on your vehicle. These adaptations improve a vehicle’s ability to go through terrains that would otherwise be difficult to cruise through. Simple attachments including speed controls, signaling and steering controls can be replaced or some specifically designed for a driver. Many driving controls are aligned to an automatic gearbox hence drivers can still use the original controls together with the adaptations.


Car Adaptations

Hand Controls

A hand control that can be pulled or pushed comes in handy when the normal pedals used for braking and acceleration pose difficulty in their use. The adaptive hand control is used to accelerate or brake the vehicle by simply pulling the lever or pushing it using your hands. These systems could be mechanical, electronic or even systems using air compression. Controlling the speed of a vehicle by use of this system, however, requires an automatic gearbox for efficiency.

Electronic accelerators

Some vehicles may require one to use too much effort in acceleration from limited leg mobility or trouble finding hand controls. In such cases, an electronic accelerator which comes in different types may be adapted. All the various electronic accelerators come installed with a braking system that is operated by hand. These accelerators range from the trigger accelerator to the ring accelerator which is usually placed at different points of the steering wheel.

Left foot Accelerators

Fitting a left foot accelerator may help in cases whereby the mobility of your right foot is limited. Installing this adaptation assists by using the left foot to control the speed of the vehicle. This accelerator could be mounted on the floor whereby a pedal guard is installed on the original and the left one is used. The pedal can be installed as a twin flip whereby the original is folded away but can be used in situations where the adaptation is not needed. Additionally, the pedals could be extended to fit your specifications.

Steering Aids

When there is a difficulty in turning off the steering wheel, a steering wheel ball could be added to increase the control of your vehicle. A steering ball allows one to control the vehicle using one hand hence the other can be used to operate hand controls. Furthermore, this gives you the ability to use remote-controlled devices such as headlights and wipers. These adaptations generally improve how you drive the vehicle.

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