Factors that affect car handling

Handling involves the performance of the vehicle on the road. How the car swerves while turning handles curves on the road determines its handling ability. A car may, however, lose control despite good handling capability. The vehicle handling is affected by various factors with some being external.


car handling



The suspension is essential in the maintenance of the vehicle’s wheels on the ground each time the vehicle is in motion. It ensures that the vehicle remains to the ground even on hilly grounds of when it goes over a bump. When the space between the top and the bottom of the suspension is affected, handling problems could be experienced. The recommended height should, therefore, be kept constantly.


For improved handling, small and hard tires that normally come with the vehicle are recommended. The right side of the vehicle’s tires ensures that the manufacturers stated handling is in check. Handling can, however, be improved by adding high-performance tires to your vehicle. Tread on the wheels ensures better handling since more traction is experienced to the road.

Shock absorbers

Absorbers regulate the amount of energy that is exerted on the vehicle when it is in motion. These absorbers serve as a means of ensuring that the unsprung weight on the vehicle is absorbed therefore better handling and comfortability. Shock absorbers, however, require regular checkups and replacement, especially after long trips.


When the vehicle moves at a high speed, it creates a more downward force. Vehicles use this force for better handling procedures especially when they go around turns. This force can be increased by adding spoilers or taking off the roof rack. In some cases taking unnecessary items from your vehicle’s trunk can boost this force.

Electronic stability control

Several pieces of research have linked this tool to the reduction of fatal accidents on major roads. This control assists if the driver loses control of the vehicle and it skids on the road or even stops it before it happens. The control device can apply brakes automatically hence ensuring the vehicle sticks to the road.

External Forces

The weather along the terrain that the vehicle is using affects how it responds to handling procedures. Roads could be made dangerous by factors such as slippery roads depending on how good the tires of the vehicle are made. Avoiding dangerous zones ensures that your vehicle stability is constant throughout your journey.

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